Pains Wessex Para Red Rocket Mk8A


Pains Wessex Para Red Rocket Mk8A

Para Red Rocket conforms to SOLAS 74188 A long range distress signal

The Pains Wessex Para Red MR8A Rocket conforms to SOLAS 74/80 as amended Designed to wthstancl exceptional erMronmental exposure and to perform reliably even after smmersion in water, the pull wire Ignitor and improved grip provides easy handling

Ejecting a red flare on a parachute at 300m (1000ft) burning for 40 seconds at 30.000 candela
Order Codes
SOLAS / USCG Approved Product

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Jl. Perak Timur 232 Surabaya, Jawa Timur – Indonesia

Telp :
+62 31 3292021 – +62 31 3293116



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